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Peaceful Yoga Retreat

This is a very peaceful setting to gather your thoughts and meditate. The open vaulted ceilings are magnificent. It was truly a pleasure to be your first guest in this wonderful cabin. I will always remember how the ice broke apart to user in spring. What a site to see.

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Mike Carroll

Hunting Cabin

I go hunting up in Pend Orielle County every year and this is the absolute perfect location. I hunt on a farm about 7 minutes away. On this trip I got a 5 point buck. The house is top notch. It can get a little warm in the Loft where I stayed but I like it warm after being outside all day. The beds are really comfortable, the view is amazing, everything is pretty much new. I'll be back next hunting season for sure.

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Lisa Bergen

Great Exposure

We had a great time at your beautiful house. The wood finishes are truly amazing. The kitchen is so roomy and has a wonderful view of the Lake. We couldn't believe how well protected the house is from the sun. The airconditioner rarely came on. The acid stained floors in the basement were well done. We love the stone stairs down to the beach.