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House Rules

House Rules

  1. No Shoe Policy – please wear gripping socks or slippers in the house primarily on the main floor to protect the hardware.  There is a footbath on the outside pillar please use that before entering the house and also wipe your feet on the mat before entering.
  2. Daily Sweeping – Please sweep the hardwood floor daily of any sand that might have gotten tracked in from outside. 
  3. The Barbeque Grill is for your enjoyment but please turn off the propane valve to the BBQ when done. 
  4. Noise Control – please avoid blaring music too early and quiet then quiet things down between 8AM to 10PM.
  5. Induction Cooktop – please only use approved cleaner on the induction top.  Be very careful to not scratch the countertop.  Only induction cookware will work so use what has been provided.  Please don’t cook anything stinky without the fan on or simply grill it outside. Double Oven – If you make a mess please clean it up right away.
  6. Fire Pit – we have a fire pit for your use.  Smores are a great thing to do.  You are free to use the scrap wood in the bin on the side of the property.  Depending on the fire danger you may or may not be allowed to burn.  If you fail to check online and are fined that is your responsibility. 
  7. Gas Fireplace – please turn on/off the propane valve for each use.  Its manual operation.  You have to turn it to pilot – hold down for 30sec until the thermocouple gets warm and then you release and can then turn on.  The fireplace will start and then the fan will automatically go on when its hot. 
  8. Heating – If you run the heat on the main floor make sure the fan is on in the Loft.  Try to use the gas fireplace first. 
  9. Water shutoff is under the steps and it’s the biggest valve.  Electrical shut off is in the utility room.  Try not to mess with these unless in emergency. 
  10. Washer Dryer use – please make sure there is no lint in the dryer before use
  11. Rain Head Use – The rainhead shower is tricky to use.  You have to pull out the valves.
  12. Media Usage – The receiver plays 5.1 surround sound really well.  The house is well insulated so it shouldn’t bother your neighbors late at night but if kids are sleeping downstairs they will hear it.  
  13. Food usage – any spices or condiments in the cabinets or refrigerator is fair game.  The spice rack is to the right of the cooktop in a vertical pull out drawer.  As far as the food in the pantry we prefer that you keep the use to a minimum.  The freezer food is ours so we hope you can refrain from use.
  14. NO PETS
  15. Maximum Occupancy: The maximum number of guests is 8
  16. Checkout
    1. Please take out the garbage and recycling – keep them separate.
    2. Please wash the dishes or run the dishwasher.
    3. Put all the float toys away or in the boxes. 


Mike and Joy Sheikh